Defending Nurse Licenses

Craig K. Perry

Craig K. Perry

Attorney Perry has been practicing law in the state of Nevada for over 31 years. For the past 10 years, he has successfully represented hundreds of nurses before the Nevada State Board of Nursing (NSBN).

Every year, Attorney Perry assists scores of nurses who (1) have been reported to the NSBN for alleged violations of Nevada statutes and regulations (NRS 632 et seq. and NAC 632), (2) are required to report past criminal conduct, (3) were disciplined in another state, or (4) committed some other infraction of one kind or another. 

Most nurses call our firm when they (1) are up for renewal and need to report negative information, (2) failed to report past negative information, (3) are trying to apply for licensure in this state, or (4) received a letter of complaint/investigation from the Board. We can help in all of those situations, and more.

Craig Perry has successfully resolved hundreds of cases on behalf of nurses before the State Board of Nursing, often resulting in dismissal of the complaint, whenever possible.

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