Links & Resources

Below are some common links that are helpful to Nurses.

Nevada State Board of Nursing Website (NSBN)

The website of the Nevada State Board of Nursing (NSBN) is ground zero for knowing all of the things you need to do to remain in good standing in Nevada as a nurse. It's the place you go for applying for licensure, renewing your license, and keeping up to date with all of the matters that affect you and your practice.

The Nurse Practice Act: Nevada's Laws Regarding Nursing, NRS 632

This link will take you to the Nevada Revised Statutes. It will explain what are your responsibilities according to the Nevada Legislature. In addition, you need to become familiar with the Nevada Administrative Code.

Nevada Administrative Code Regulations Regarding Nursing, NAC 632

These are the regulations with which you need to become familiar. They have the same force of law, originated by the Nevada State Board of Nursing and approved by the legislature.

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