Defending Nurse Licenses

Precision Defense for Accusations of Record Inaccuracy or Falsification

Facing Allegations of Mismanaged or False Medical Records? Secure Your Nursing License Now

Are you a nurse feeling overwhelmed by the possibility of losing your license due to Fraudulent Application or Record Violation?

We at LV Nurse Attorney understand the complexities and nuances of the application process. An innocent mistake can lead to serious implications like accusations of fraudulent applications. Such allegations can negatively impact your license and professional reputation. 

If you’ve received notice from the NSBN about a potential fraudulent application or are worried about past submissions, reach out to us today. Let’s discuss your situation in a free, confidential consultation to better understand the appropriate steps to protect your career.

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Defend Your Livelihood and Reputation with LV Nurse Attorney

Unforeseen Consequences: How Falsifying medical Records Can Impact Your Nursing Career and Reputation

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Accidental Misrepresentation

We'll help you clarify any unintentional misinformation and work towards resolution.

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Serious Legal Repercussions

Let us guide you through potential legal consequences, your rights, and defenses.

Fraudulent Record-Keeping

We're here to advocate for you, protecting your professional standing and future opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A fraudulent application is one that contains false, misleading, or misrepresented information. It can be due to intentional deception or innocent mistakes.
Consequences usually range from application denial, reprimand, license suspension, revocation, or fines.
It’s crucial to seek legal advice as soon as possible to understand your options and protect your professional standing—in our experience, the sooner the better.
You always have the right to proceed without legal representation, but we recommend you don’t. Even if the mistakes were unintentional, the potential repercussions make it important to seek legal guidance.
We will evaluate your case, guide you through the legal process, prepare your response or defense, and represent you before the NSBN to make sure you are treated fairly.
Contact us immediately upon discovering the error to mitigate potential negative impacts. Better yet, contact us before you submit your application if you are unsure about any of your answers and to avoid committing possible fraud.
The possibility of rectification depends on the specifics of the case. We will help explore possible options.
Yes, a fraudulent application can lead to disciplinary actions on your existing license.
Yes, disciplinary actions must be reported to other state nursing boards, potentially impacting your licensure there.
First, if you contact us before you file your application, we can help you avoid filing a fraudulent application The two most common types of fraud we see are answering “no” to the question of whether you have been disciplined in another state, and whether you have a criminal conviction before applying or since the last date of your renewal. Many nurses are genuinely confused how to answer these questions, particularly if a matter is “closed” or “dismissed.”

What our Clients Say

I needed an attorney to handle my nursing endorsement application with the Nevada State Board of Nursing, which I had a previous criminal conviction. With his knowledge and expertise, I was able to get my license unencumbered with no restrictions.
I am very fortunate that I found Atty Craig Perry to represent me to the Board of Nursing. He fought for me till the end and it was the best feeling when I heard from him that our battle was over with good news
Jhay Dhee
This firm is outstanding. They stood beside me through a very adverse time and I am grateful to all who fought for me and my rights. Tyrin is the backbone of it all AND she is an absolutely amazing person. What a terrific team!!
sally backlundscaglione
Mr. Perry and his team came through for me when I desperately needed help to fight and to save my nurses license, and he didn't do it just to take on another case. He really believed in me which is what a person needs when you are going up against the nursing board
Sr Rr