Defending Nurse Licenses

Responding to Allegations of Diversion of Narcotics, Medication & Supplies

Protecting Your Career: Defense Against Diversion Allegations

Are you a nurse facing accusations of medication diversion?

If you are a nurse accused of diverting narcotics, other meds, or med supplies for personal use or distribution, you should know how seriously the Nevada State Board of Nursing treats these allegations. Such accusations threaten not just your professional license but also your reputation and career.

Don’t let allegations define your future. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case.

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Defend Your Livelihood and Reputation with LV Nurse Attorney

Unforeseen Consequences: How Allegation of Medication Diversion Can Impact Your Nursing Career and Your Reputation

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Don't Risk Losing Your License Due to Allegations of Diversion

Our experienced legal team fights to protect your nursing license and livelihood from the false allegations of diversion, or deal with real ones

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Emotional Toll of Being Accused of Diversion of Medications

Allegations of diversion are among the most difficult and worrisome situations nurses face. We have repped many such nurses, and we can help.

Damage to Reputation from Diversion of Medications

Discipline for diversion is harsh, and it can negatively impact your career. We can help guide you through the legal process facing you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re facing such allegations, it’s critical to seek legal representation immediately. These accusations are serious and can have significant implications for your license and career. Contact me for a confidential, free consultation to discuss your defense strategy.

Yes, the Board has the authority to revoke licenses for such violations. However, each case is unique, and there may be defenses or mitigating circumstances. As an experienced nurse attorney, I can help you navigate this challenging situation. Reach out for a consultation.

The legal consequences can include criminal charges, fines, and disciplinary actions by the Board, including suspension or revocation of your nursing license. It’s important to handle these allegations carefully and with professional guidance. Let’s discuss your case in detail.

An attorney can assist in several ways, including reviewing the evidence against you, preparing your defense, negotiating with the Board, and representing you in any hearings or legal proceedings. I specialize in defending nurses in such scenarios. Schedule a free consultation to explore your options.

Evidence may include medication logs, witness statements, surveillance footage, and audit trails of medication dispensing systems. Understanding how to challenge or mitigate this evidence is key to your defense. Contact me to discuss how we can address the evidence in your case.

Yes, there are rehabilitation programs designed for healthcare professionals facing substance abuse issues. Participation in such programs can be an important part of your defense and recovery. I can guide you through these options and their legal implications.

The Board typically conducts a thorough investigation, which may include interviews, document reviews, and collaboration with law enforcement. Having legal representation during this process is crucial. Reach out for a confidential consultation.

 Defenses can vary depending on the specifics of the allegation, including challenging the evidence, demonstrating lack of intent, or mitigating factors. As your attorney, I can help identify and pursue the most effective defense strategy for your case.

This depends on the specifics of your case and the Board’s decision. It’s vital to have legal representation to protect your rights during the investigation. Contact me for a personalized assessment of your situation.

Allegations of diversion can significantly impact your career, including potential job loss and harm to your professional reputation. It’s essential to address these allegations proactively with skilled legal representation. Let’s discuss how to protect your career and reputation.

False allegations require a robust defense. Gathering evidence, witness testimonies, and legal arguments to refute the accusations is crucial. I can help you build a strong defense to clear your name. Schedule a free consultation to start this process.

What our Clients Say

I needed an attorney to handle my nursing endorsement application with the Nevada State Board of Nursing, which I had a previous criminal conviction. With his knowledge and expertise, I was able to get my license unencumbered with no restrictions.
I am very fortunate that I found Atty Craig Perry to represent me to the Board of Nursing. He fought for me till the end and it was the best feeling when I heard from him that our battle was over with good news
Jhay Dhee
This firm is outstanding. They stood beside me through a very adverse time and I am grateful to all who fought for me and my rights. Tyrin is the backbone of it all AND she is an absolutely amazing person. What a terrific team!!
sally backlundscaglione
Mr. Perry and his team came through for me when I desperately needed help to fight and to save my nurses license, and he didn't do it just to take on another case. He really believed in me which is what a person needs when you are going up against the nursing board
Sr Rr