Defending Nurse Licenses

It’s been a gut-wrenching couple of weeks. I’m receiving calls from nurses justifiably panicked about the shortages of PPE. In Nevada, it’s getting worse by the day. With all of the focus on COVID-19, a new problem is emerging—a shortage of supplies protecting nurses from even scarier infectious diseases, such as MRSA and C-Diff. The newspaper reported that union nurses at Mountain View Hospital may be going on strike soon. Although management is blaming the strike on greed, from what I’m hearing, I believe it’s also tied to lack of PPE–or access to PPE. The situation is dire, and if it isn’t bad enough already, patients from other states are being flown in from other states, taking up valuable ventilators and beds that are intended for Nevada citizens.

I know of a product that may help reduce your exposure to MRSA and C-Diff. I’ve used it for years. In my opinion, it’s a paradigm-shifting product. Several years ago, I tried to help market the product, but it never gained enough traction. Maybe now people will listen….

The product line is now called Purebiotics. Here’s the simple explanation, and you are invited to investigate it further. Most cleaning solutions, detergents, etc. focus on killing the bacteria, germs and viruses, some of which can develop resistance to drugs such antibiotics. Purebiotics products are different. They contain probiotics that produce enzymes that breakdown biofilm where these microscopic organisms live. When you breakdown biofilm, you remove the “home” where these things live, survive, and reemerge after the cleaners have evaporated. If you remove the biofilm, your cleaners can clean right down to the actual surfaces, instead of cleaning the top of biofilm. The next result is surfaces stay cleaner longer, and therefore, there’s less chance of catching an infection.

There is hand sanitizer that contain these probiotics, which remain on your hands for a long time, preventing or reducing the possibility of biofilm formation. There are many cleaning solutions for walls, floors, metal and tile surfaces, etc.

I have been using these products for many years. I’ve seen them do amazing things. Why don’t you go to the website for Purebiotics, and buy some for yourselves, or have your employers look into this. Probiotics can be added to all traditional cleaners, so you’re not getting rid of traditional cleaners, you’re just making them perform better, cleaning microscopically, right down to the actual surfaces.

I’ve personally tested and seen the powerful results of these probiotic cleaners using an ADP meter that I still own. Nothing compared with the cleansing power of the cleaners I saw in action 10 years ago, and what’s more, the surfaces stay cleaner for longer periods of time, 3+ days.

I’ll include here a link so you can download a description of the product. Warning: Purebiotics won’t help with infection from aerosolized infection particles, just surfaces, but with MRSA and C-Diff, that’s still great news. Let me know what you think!

Purebiotics Products, Cleaners that Contain Probiotics that Break Down Biofilm!

FYI: Because I asked Purebiotics last week if I could be an affiliate (which was granted), I’ve been sent tons of information, including years of test results and studies supporting the efficacy of their products, so if you have any questions, you can reach me by email [click here], and I’ll get you all of the information that I can.