Defending Nurse Licenses

Protect Your Livelihood: We Fight for Nurses with Criminal Convictions

Weathering the Storm: For Nurses Facing Criminal Convictions

Are you a nurse feeling overwhelmed by the possibility of losing your license due to Criminal Conviction?

At LV Nurse Attorney, we understand how a criminal conviction can turn your world upside down, especially when it threatens your nursing license and career. It’s a complex, daunting experience, and it’s not something you should face alone. 

If you’ve been convicted of a crime and are concerned about how it will affect your standing with the NSBN, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation, and let’s discuss how we can support you in this challenging time.

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Defend Your Livelihood and Reputation with LV Nurse Attorney

Unforeseen Consequences: How a Criminal Conviction Can Impact Your Nursing Career and Reputation

License Discipline

We'll work tirelessly to advocate for your rights, seeking alternatives to a reprimand, probation, monitoring agreement, suspension or revocation.

Damage to Your Professional Reputation

We'll help manage the legalities, aiming to mitigate potential damage to your professional reputation.

Employment Consequences

We're here to support you in dealing with potential job loss or applying for a new job

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Frequently Asked Questions

Criminal convictions can lead to disciplinary actions that include a reprimand, monitoring agreements, probation, suspension, or revocation of your nursing license. If handled early and properly, disciplinary measures can be avoided.
Crimes we typically see involve drugs or alcohol, domestic violence and dishonesty. However, there are many other types of crimes that can affect a nurse’s license that are more egregious than these, such as harm to a patient, drug trafficking, and elder abuse. Of course, felonies are scrutinized more seriously than misdemeanors.

Reach out to a legal professional like LV Nurse Attorney to understand how the conviction may impact your license and what actions you can take.

We also offer representation of nurses charged with a crime on select cases, and can assist you with the sealing of your criminal records where legally permitted, such as arrest records where no criminal charges were brought or where they were dismissed without a conviction.

It depends. Usually, nurses are always required to report criminal convictions to their licensing board. Failure to report can result in additional disciplinary actions. However, past crimes that have been properly expunged or records sealed may not need to be reported, or presentence pleas that are dismissed before convictions may not be reported. It is extremely important to contact LV Nurse Attorney to have the specific facts of your case evaluated so that you can handle the matter in a proper, legal way with the least amount of impact on you license and your career.
We can provide legal counsel, support you in any NSBN proceedings, and work towards a resolution that minimally impacts your license.
A criminal conviction can potentially make it more difficult to secure nursing employment, but we can help you navigate this challenge.
Usually, yes, until a final decision is made.The only times we have seen you not be able to practice while the matter is under review is cases in which board staff believes you may be a harm either to yourself or others. In our experience, the review process is very quick with the NSBN.
Immediately seek legal counsel and representation. In your initial, free consultation, we will explain the options available to you, and in select cases, we can represent you in the criminal case.
Absolutely, even misdemeanor convictions can lead to a wide range of disciplinary actions initiated by the NSBN.
Yes, out-of-state criminal convictions must usually be reported to the NSBN and may impact your Nevada nursing license as much as a conviction would if it occurred in Nevada.
Any criminal conviction, even if unrelated to nursing, can potentially impact your nursing license. It’s advisable to consult LV Nurse Attorney to understand the possible implications.

What our Clients Say

I needed an attorney to handle my nursing endorsement application with the Nevada State Board of Nursing, which I had a previous criminal conviction. With his knowledge and expertise, I was able to get my license unencumbered with no restrictions.
I am very fortunate that I found Atty Craig Perry to represent me to the Board of Nursing. He fought for me till the end and it was the best feeling when I heard from him that our battle was over with good news
Jhay Dhee
This firm is outstanding. They stood beside me through a very adverse time and I am grateful to all who fought for me and my rights. Tyrin is the backbone of it all AND she is an absolutely amazing person. What a terrific team!!
sally backlundscaglione
Mr. Perry and his team came through for me when I desperately needed help to fight and to save my nurses license, and he didn't do it just to take on another case. He really believed in me which is what a person needs when you are going up against the nursing board
Sr Rr